Things To Do In Northern Ireland Part 1

northern irelands giants casueway

Part 1

Northern Ireland has amazing events, historical sites, wildlife, walks, fishing, hunting, sporting events, museums, galleries, restaurants, ballooning, sightseeing and hotels! Come visit us! Here is our recommendations for a fantastic time in Northern Ireland this year.

Visit The Titanic Maritime Heritage Experience.

In an extensive poll, this top tourist destination was regarded as a main visitor experience, visit Northern Ireland’s impressive maritime history by attending the Titanic Belfast ship and the other major boat next to her, the Stem Ship Nomadic.

titanic Belfast experience

You Have Got To Visit The Giant’s Causeway !

This is one of the stunning trips, from a scenic point of view, in the world. Dr Johnson was wrong when he said “worth seeing but not worth taking a trip for”. The coastal approach is extraordinary, as before you reach the Giant’s Causeway you will see Dunluce Castle, Carrick Crossing, The Mussenden Temple and stunning coastal views. You could even take a balloon flight over all of these areas finishing at the causeway.

northern irelands giants casueway

Visit Londonderry’s City Walls Experience

Londonderry is a place of different experiences exploding with diverse history and culture. You can now take a tour of the city walls to admire the architecture, historical events and the views of the surrounding countryside.

londonderry wall tour

Take Time To Visit One Of Our Health Spas

Chill out, sit back and be pampered. You could have a massage, a swim, a sauna or visit the steam room. There are plenty of health spa destinations in Northern Ireland, this is one of the best!

irish health spa

The Seamus Heaney Visitor Centre

Seamus Heaney, Literature Nobel Prize Winner 1995, the famous poet, translator and playwright was one of the foremost writers in Irish history. You can visit his Home Place that he loved and learn about his works, eventful life and inspirations.

seamus heaney house

Visit Her Majesty’s Ship Caroline

Take a tour of HMS Caroline, the all inclusive tour is a realistic portrayal of war and battle at sea.

battleship caroline northern Ireland

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